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Personal Best Bait Company was formed just 6 months ago and is already making a splash in the bass fishing scene! PBBC offers high quality products at unreal pricing!

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Tune in as we broadcast live from the Bassmaster Classic in the Fishing Flea Market Group on Facebook presented by Bass Fishing Media!

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Begans Thursday with live interviews! 


KIDS Books

Since my son was born – and honestly, even while in utero – my husband and I have gathered books that we hope(d) he would enjoy. We have been gifted books from classic Dr. Suess favorites to newer publications like the Little Blue Truck.

Whatever the book, we try to support a sense of wonder and adventure, balanced with opportunities to learn new words, lessons and ideas. So, when I heard about the latest book from Andy Weiner, I was very excited to add it to our son’s collection. Andy’s book Down by the River takes readers on a day trip fishing adventure with Art, his mother and grandfather – and makes me oh-so-nostalgic for the limestone creeks of northeast Pennsylvania where I first learned to fly fish. While it’s a new venture for Art, his mother and grandfather are seasoned pros. Whether it’s packing up the gear, picking a fly, rigging up, or finding the right seam, they have a contagious passion for fly fishing that has trickled down to Art and is ready to blossom.

Chock-full of beautiful illustrations by April Chu, this story was particularly catching to me because if features a young boy and his mother as well as his grandfather – but I love that this little boy ventures into fly fishing with his mother as a role model. So many of us women have been taking our children to the water since day one and to have a book share a little glimpse of that is refreshing.

While my son isn’t quite two, he is a pretty fishy kid and – dare I say – a slight addict; from grabbing rods to helping net my and his dad’s fish, this book is a perfect companion to show him that little boys (and girls) can and do fly fish.

To get yourself, child, grandchild, friend’s child, niece/nephew – you get the picture – a copy, visit!

What is Bass 365 Insider?

Bass 365 Insider is our version of using the “Power of the Crowd” with our industry contacts to get discounts on their products and services. Every month we’ll launch at least 10 discounts for 10 different companies. Members will also be alerted of large discount/short time framed FLASH DEALS throughout the month.

How much does it cost to join?

For a limited time membership to Bass 365 Insider is only $4.99 monthly, but currently you can join for $2.99 per month. Once you sign up with the current $2.99 promotion, you will lock in for the $2.99 price for the length of your membership. Join today and lock in the promotional price of $2.99!

The Sack Caddy

August 29th at 7pm

I will be appearing on Ike Live at

and going live on the Fishing Flea Market Facebook Group at approx. 5pm

Fishing and instruction with Boy Scout Troop 61 of Old Forge June 10th! Was an awesome day Thanks to the kids, South Bend Fishing, Lunkerville, Bassmaster, Trapper Tackle and Bass Snax Custom Baits


For the last month I’ve been secretly working on a deal with a company to offer you some great frogs as a kit which they discontinued.

AS you know almost ever frog sold on the market takes on some water during fishing but it didn’t mean their high standards so you get a great deal! All you need to do when you receive your frog kit is put a small drop of glue where the eyelet goes into the frog, something you should be doing with all your frogs to help them perform better anyway and your good to go!

These frogs are first ever lead-free frog, fitted with a compact tungsten counter weight which allows anglers to cast deep into the thickest slop where big bass hide. Additionally, the weight provides a low center of gravity, ensuring that it will right itself when it lands upside-down.

The frog are precisely shaped to facilitate an easy-walking action, it features a lifelike design and a performance-enhancing hull shape that moves over matted vegetation with ease. Backed with a razor-sharp Lazer Trokar frog hook, the frog delivers one-of-a-kind composition that is geared towards heart-stopping blow-ups.

As Admin of this group I’m very happy to be able to offer my members this 9 frog kit for ONLY $37 shipped. These frogs retailed for $8.99 each $80.91 that’s a 60% savings while supplies last!

Jose Rivera Owner of Bass Fishing Media will be going live from the Bassmaster Classic and giving 3 seminars for the Get Hook on Fishing Event Linked below

Bass Snax Custom Baits is a soft plastic bait company established in Northeastern PA that produces a line of baits made for fishermen by fishermen. These baits provide a Unique Blend of softness and durability. Made using a select mix of plastic , Salt, worm oil and scents, We are able to produce baits with life-like feel and action. Our baits are designed to catch the fish's eye instead of the angler's eye. Tournament tested and proven to help you get more bites.

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