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It was a pleasure getting the opportunity to review this amazing system from ECOXGEAR! Being a former Disc Jockey I can appreciate a great sounding speaker. I like to feel the music, now being able to take this sound out in the elements with me is even better. The ECOXGEAR CARBON is 100% waterproof so taking it out on the boat or on a camping trip is now worry free and if the carbon accidently goes overboard don't sweat it because this bad boy floats....YES IT FLOATS so take a swim with it if you want! It truly is the ultimate outdoor speaker and offers some great extras! The Carbon can be used as a flashlight, its mountable, can charge your devices and is Bluetooth compatible! It connected to my phone with ease and holds a 12 hour charge! I really love it and we think you will too. Its affordable and comes in a few colors! Check it out at! Lets them know you saw it here!

Ross Evolution R: Un. Reel.

Seriously, fly fisher folks, Ross Reels has officially outdone themselves - the Evolution R is what it’s name almost eludes to: R-Evoution[ary].

I have fished many a Ross in my day - Animas, Cimmaron, Colorado LT - but the Evolution R brings something new to the table. Perhaps it’s the combined forces of Ross’s engineers and machinists, or maybe it’s the unexpected lightweight feel or an ultra large arbor, or the incredibly unique way the company integrated the drag knob into the body of this the end, I’m sure it’s a combination of all of these features, plus some. Let’s break it down.

I spent a couple weeks fishing the Evolution R on a couple of my favorite southern Colorado waters like the Rio Grande and its South Fork, and I am fully impressed.


Thanks to a fully sealed and first-of-its kind “proprietary carbon fluoropolymer and stainless steel interface” the Evolution R gives anglers smooth power in an amazingly lightweight package.

Ross also notes that the reel’s “extremely wide range of brake adjustment also manages to produce some of the highest drag pressure found in a fly reel.”; which I can totally attest to - this thing has a sick amount of variability when it comes to the drag; whether you have have a pig trout on the line or a desperate Monday morning minow, this reel’s got your back.


Ross harps on this reel’s light yet strong nature thanks to its “unique geometry...functional ...stylish [and] innovative shape of the ultra-large arbor spool is engineered to force the even winding of the line across the face of the spool as it is retrieved - something never before seen in a fly reel.”

Though I didn’t put this demo through the ringer the way I would my own reel, I stand by Ross’s durability statements. Between me and my husband, we’ve got a full quiver of their reels, and after bumps, drops, and hard hits on rocks and trees, they have proven themselves time and time again.


It’s not even a question...just look for yourselves!

That Sound, though!

And finally, the Evolution R delivers that anticipated drag sound anglers can only find in a Ross reel - like music to your ears!!

To get yourself one of the newest and most buttery Ross reels I have fished in a while, check out their website! And if you have any questions about specs, warranty (which is lifetime, of course) or how they do their awesome Made in the USA thing, hit them up with a phone call or email.

Tight lines, yall!

Ryan Michelle Scavo

(BFM Staff Director)


i/t: @ryoutside

We finally chased after some trout by way of our fat bikes from Framed Bikes!

Looking for a basecamp option on your next fishing trip?

Consider Reliable Tent and Tipi’s Teton Canvas Tent for your next overnight fishing outing.

Once warmer weather hits, I have a few things on my mind including trout, soaking up some sunshine, and sleeping under the stars. But in Colorado, we all know that warm temperatures in the day could be accompanied by cooler temps (and, dare I say, snow!) at night - but that doesn’t stop those in search of wild trout!

Here are some of the Teton’s pros/cons and lessons learned after shoulder season nights on the Rio Grande National Forest in southern Colorado.


Functionality: First things first, I would absolutely suggest the Teton as a great option for all-season trips if you’re looking to basecamp. It’s not a tent that you’ll be taking down each night, so plan to use a canvas tent like this one for any extended trips.

  • Size - we were able to fit three adults in this 10x10 tent, which was plenty on a weekend trip

  • Features - Multiple windows, an easy-to-open front door, and a sewn in floor. These features are means airflow, no claustrophobic feeling, and no critters rummaging through your gear.

  • Color: The Teton’s canvas is a light tan color. This means, unlight a darker color material, it reflects the sun’s rays relatively well, so when you walk inside of it, you’re not gasping for breath in high temps.

  • Quality Materials: The manufacturing component of this tent is spot on. The canvas is well made and I did not see a single flaw in the craftmanship!

Feels like home: The awesome part about the Teton is once it’s set up, it feels like coming home each night. You’re not bending over backwards to try and fit into a ground tent, and you can comfortably fit three cots, a wood stove, and all your gear!

Multi-Season Use: Speaking of wood stove - that’s right - the Teton has a perfect spot to fit a woodstove and roof access and shield for a stovepipe. This is perfect for any angler that’s looking to spend some time in the field during the shoulder season (or if you’re brave, in the dead of winter). So all you ice fisher folks or steelhead-crazed anglers just crazy enough to camp when the snow is flying, this one is for you.


Setup takes time: Unlight a quick ground tent or a rooftop tent, it takes some time and a couple of adults to put this tent up properly. However, I will say, the guys were able to set it up in the dark without any instructions in a relatively short amount of time, considering the conditions - which was very impressive!

Head Room: If you’re a long-legged creature and of the taller variety, I’d suggest going with the slightly taller Teton (10x10x4 option). Though there is plenty of room to walk around while standing straight up, taller sides will allow the pitch of the roof to be a little higher off your face if you’re laying on a cot against the wall.

Lessons Learned:

Preparation is key: We neglected to “prep” the tent prior to the first use. Canvas tents are classic and, in a lot of ways, outcompete other options when basecamping, but you have to “treat” them before using them - that means, in the case of the Teton, setting it up, hosing it down, and letting it dry so the canvas can “cure”, allowing the material to expand, and become water-tight for future uses. Unfortunately, we did not read that part before the first use and on the first night, several inches of snow fell, resulting in some wet gear and interrupted sleep.

Wood smoke, exposure, and smell retention: If you’re going to use this tent in the winter, I’d suggest three things.

  • Stove Pipe: Make sure your wood stove’s pipe is wider than a couple inches. Ours was a little skinnier than I would recommend, which meant the opening for the pipe allowed snow and other precipitation to fall into the tent.

  •  Fresh Air: We enjoy camping for so many reasons, including fresh wild air. But if you’re going to use a stove in this canvas tent (any canvas tent, really), bring along a carbon monoxide detector just to be safe. They are inexpensive and could save lives if a water inversion or something strange happens and the tent fills with smoke in the middle of the night.

  • Smoke sticks: If you’re going to bring along the wood stove, remember that canvas is a natural material that will retain that “camp” smell. It’s a good thing in my opinion, but not everyone loves that smell.

If you’re considering a canvas tent for your river-side property or for your next fishing trip, give the guys at Reliable Tent & Tipi a shout. They’ve been in the business for over 70 years and they offer everything from hunting/fishing setups and tipis to luxury “glamping” tents and yurts!

Nautica Sport

18,000 mAh Reserve Power Supply and Jump Starter

  • Compact design allows you to easily carry it in your pocket, backpack, or glove box.

  • Built in safety features that prevent overcharging and any short circuit problems.

  • Only 6 hrs charging time required

  • Stays fully charged for over 8 months when not in use

  • Power source for Laptops (Adapters Sold Separately), Cell Phones, pad devices, or any USB device.

Emergency Power for 12v Accessories like GPS, Fish finders, portable compressors, spotlights, etc. Comes with two different 12v adapters.

Will jump start up to a 8-cylinder engine, multiple times without recharging.

  • Water-Resistant Case, with waterproof zipper and it floats.
  • 2 USB Outputs - 5v-2amp and 5v-1amp outputs
  • 12v-10amp output
  • 19v-3.5amp output (laptops)
  • Jump start output (300CCA/600PeakAmps)
  • Super bright emergency flashlight with constant, strobe, and SOS flash.
  • Comes Complete With:
  • Home Charger
  • Car Charger
  • 4-IN-1 Phone Charger Adapter
  • 12V Alligator Clip Adapter
  • 12v Cigarette Lighter adapter
  • Intelligent Jumper Cable
  • Water Resistant Zipper Hard Case
  • "I am in love with this world...I have climbed it's mountains, roamed it's forests, sailed its waters...felt the sting of its frosts...the drench of its rains...and always have beauty and joy waited upon my goings and comings" - Burroughs

    First of several videos to come featuring a Swift Fly Fishing Epic Fly Rod Build Kit!

    Sarah Sassinator


    Hand Crafted

    Hand Painted

    Quality Lures

    Recently I had a chance to find out a little more about AR Lures Us from USA Owner, lure designer and artist Sarah Sasinator as she's known on Facebook. One of the things that drove me to the company was the passion the owners have about the baits they are selling. I love it when a company believes in and stands by what they are pushing out to the public. After looking at the baits at the Suffern NY show a few years back the first thing I noticed was the High Quality of the paint jobs. Its crazy how you can instantly tell the difference between one of their baits and just any ole crank bait you pull off the shelf at your local shop.

    Here is our conversation:

    BFM: When was AR Lures Established?

    AR Lures US: AR began making lures for their Japanese trading company called "Arcadia Reef" in 1996, rebranded to AR in 2008 by the son of AR, Fengxiaotong.


    The genius behind the lures! His name is Xiaotong or Mr. Feng

    BFM: What makes these baits different from other lures out there?

    AR Lures US: There are no two identical lures on the planet, these baits are made by Feng's closest artist friends, he is an artist himself always innovating new designs. They are all hand crafted lures, the slight variations are in the paint lines and faces, however they are all weighted and bodies are milled by a machine so the action will not be compromised, their differences is why we call them "attitude baits"...

    BFM: What are some of your favorite AR Lures and how do you fish them?

    AR LURES Us: My favorite lures currently are the following:

    Crank35: toss this tiny little micro sized crank bait as far from the boat as possible. Using light tackle you can send it 60-80ft away. Upon landing slowly crank it down and usually big bass will hit in the first two feet. If you are on the shoreline and you see cruising bass, toss this above their head and bump it for immediate strike, even if they see you. This bait can be cranked a variety of ways, slow with a pause cadence, fast with a pause, bumps, rips and medium cranking. My biggest success is in slow cranking right after the landing and have caught several 2-4 lb. bass.

    Jerk bait floating: this lure crushes big bass all day and in 80 degrees temps slow swimming it and double ripping it regularly with pauses for the follower strike. Most used lure I own because it mostly catches big fish and specifically bass, I use this in 4-7ft waters with dense weeds that sit 2 ft below the surface.

    AR Waker: big swim baits are not something I'm proficient at just yet, but most anglers will use these for 3 days just for that one trophy bite! So I decided to press my luck with this lure and honestly it swims like a champion. If you use the Waker, toss it far as possible and allow it to float to the surface. Retrieving this lure as slow as you possibly can stand is key to success, you will see the metal tail flipping a perfect "V" shaped wake as well as hear "clack clack clack" from the wooden body striking itself from side to side. The beauty of this bait, unlike other swim baits it fools fish more, so you won't be fishing long before you get your strike!!! My night hunt proved successful, so now I'm prepared to put much time into my catches on this lure, stay tuned on that...

    BFM: What are the baits made of?

    AR LURES US: The wood we use for our lures is called basswood. The reason is because it proves to be more consistent and stronger than balsa.

    Our hardware is great and has withstood the tests. We are currently working towards stronger hardware and our salt water line. The lips come from micro board for most of our lures it's the strongest material we could adhere to the lure.

    The hooks are the best and most of you may recognize them. Please do not change your hooks out!! We use the highest quality Owner hooks which are incredibly sharp so please be careful. Our brother "Mr. Feng" who makes these lures is very good friends with Owners grandson, who's factories are right near each other. So much more awesome things for the future of AR!

    BFM: Whats the best way to get updates on what new from AR Lures US?

    AR LURES US: We will be receiving our new shipment of AR baits in a few weeks from now. Our AR Facebook page will make an announcement that they have arrived. This round, we will have some new colors that have not yet been in the States, we are excited about this!!!

    Some other quick tips on fishing AR Lures US Baits:

    Tip from the maker, he says fish them as slow as you can, I first went out and fished these lures very fast, I learned to relax on them a bit slow it up, pause, do double rips on them, my hits and catches went up by 75%

    Also when you try that lipless crank, if you find a hole in the grass let that bait sink for a 10 sec. Count, and retrieve slowly with a double rip, you will turn up a ton of fish!! I caught 5 in a row, a 4, 3, 5 and 2(7's) in 30 minutes using this technique 

    Jason Yocum owner of Boing Lures!

    We recently had the pleasure of interviewing Jason Yocum, owner of Boing Lures, a young company offering something totally different. After learning all there is to know about a Boing Lures, and reviewing the bait, we are really loving what Boing Lures brings to the table! Having developed a passion for fishing from his grandfather and inspired by the excitement one gets when a bass strikes a topwater lure, Jason had a desire to create a topwater bait like no other bait on the market. 

     Although he says he's not a professional angler we can tell you that the Boing Lure was professionally thought through, designed and tested by what Jason called a great Pro Staff headed by FLW Pro Casey Martin. Jason gives a lot of credit to his Pro Staff for the feedback they provided on the bait which has helped the company in releasing what they feel is the very best lure they could offer their customers.The Boing! Lets get into The BOING! This comes from the Hand Tuned B-Chamber where a single bead from within the chamber works to send off what we feel is a very unique sound that had us saying “Wow”! The following statement about the sound the bait makes was taken from the Boing Lures Website “The technology stimulates a fish's sound-receptor by creating both the LOW and HIGH spectrum frequencies unlike any sound on the market! This transfers to a burst of acoustic information and electrical signals that are conveyed directly to the fishes brain. Boing lures: Audio attraction that eclipses all others.” Boing Lures are made of a type of plastic called Lexan. The Lure is in two parts then epoxied together to make the bait extremely durable. They are then hand painted and topped off with #4 Gamakatsu hooks.Some other interesting things about a Boing Lure is the baits shape and that the bait sits flat on the waters surface. These two features along with the sound really separates this bait from other similar lures. Most other topwater baits of this style have a tendency to tilt back underwater when at rest. The “sitting flat” feature Jason says gives the lure a more natural presentation and helps when using the walking the dog retrieve. The Boing lure tapers from front to back and Jason says this smaller profile towards the back of the bait really helps to get better hook ups because its easier for Smallmouth and Largemouth to grab!

    The Finish: Boing Lures wanted to have the best custom paint job on each and every lure, so they approached the very talented Dwain Batey of Baitworks. Along with giving all the lures a great detailed paint job, Dwain also adds 3-D eyes to each and every lure!

    To get your hands on a Boing Lure its recommended you visit the Boing Lure website at There you will also find videos, updates on new products, a color chart, purchase options and other valuable information about the company!

    Special Thanks to Jason Yocum.

    Tight Lines!

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