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BFM sits down with

The Dean of the Kayak Bass Class

Richie Moschella

Breaking Down Kayak Power Fishing

When it comes to finding fish I like to implement power fishing into my kayak angling. I notice that most of the top pros fishing the professional bass tours use this technique to rule out water and have success. I started to implement this technique into my kayak angling and have had fantastic results!

It all comes down to putting the odds of finding the active bite in your favor. It's very easy to get hung up on a certain technique or location and not fish the entire body of water You planed on fishing. This happens to anglers fishing in boats and especially anglers fishing out of kayaks. Kayaks most of the time are propelled by paddles limiting speed to reach locations. Some are powered by peddles and in some cases electronic motors but still can't work water efficiently like boats. So anglers fishing out of kayaks really need time management skills to be productive.

I like to limit my casts to an area to no more the 25 and to keep that " move on Philosophy ". I will have no more then 4 rods rigged with baits that complement one another. What I mean by that are for baits that work each section of the water column.





I will use these four combinations to let the fish tell me where the bite is that given day. What work yesterday might not work today and this process of Elimination helps me rule out productive and unproductive water. It's all about covering as much of the body of water as possible and finding the active bite. My goal is when I load up my kayak and I'm heading home is that I fished as much of the body of water as possible. I can always come back to those locations and work slowly through them later later. I want to use power fishing to my benefit and find those active bites.

You will notice that your fishing trips will cover more water and you can increase the number of fish you're catching just by not spending too much time in one area. I have seen so many anglers using baits that do the same thing in one area and not offering bait selections that differ! Find where the bite is on that given day you're out there and create your success!

Baits that are key tools in my kayak power fishing are as listed

Z-Man Chatterbait

Rapala Shadow Rap

Plastics / Jig

Keep It Reel and I'll see ya out on the water

Finesse Bait


Richie Moschella

Host and Producer of The Reel Deal Fishing Show

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